What To Expect When Moving to Grande Prairie

Situated in Northern Alberta, Grande Prairie is an interesting community. Part of that has to do with the incredible growth it’s seen in large part due to the handful of booms Alberta went through in the 2000’s because of the oil craze. In GP’s recent census the population nearly doubled going from 38,000 to just under 70,000 people, something that is pretty spectacular.

Today, while the city has maintained some growth things have slowed down considerably due to a down turn in the economy. Still, the city of Grande Prairie has provided a stable place for many people to call home and continues to see an influx of people throughout North American and around the world moving into the city seeking good paying jobs.

Having spent enough time living in the city we’re happy with the decision to set up shop here. At first things were different and getting to know people seemed challenging but once we had settled, attended some events and were working we adapted quite quickly to life in the city.

Still as newcomers we wanted to share our experiences with the rest of newcomers to city with some advice, humour, and tips on what to expect when moving to the city.

Be Prepared For High Taxes

I think this was the biggest shock to the system, taxes in Grande Prairie are some of the highest in the country. With our three bedroom house in Cobblestone we are paying nearly $4000 a year in taxes! We weren’t prepared for this, thankfully most salaries and wages paid in the city are a lot higher then what we were used to back home.

Another consideration is to move just outside the city into the County of Grande Prairie where tax in a lot of locations is almost half of what you would pay inside the city.

Watch Out For Grande Prairie’s Mightiest Villan, Professor Pothole

Grande Prairie Potholes
I know a lot of people blame the weather on this but I find it hard to believe considering the rest of Canada doesn’t seem to have this big of an issue. Even an hour away at the B.C border the difference in change of road conditions is like driving in 1930 to today. Grande Prairie has some of the worst roads I’ve driven on in any city and considering how much you pay on taxes has me completely baffled.

Perhaps this is capitalism at it’s best allowing companies that ability to repave every couple of years.

The Never Ending Summer Days

Ok, enough complaining about the city. If I kept up I may just prevent you from moving here when in reality it’s actually a pretty great place. One of those reasons is the never ending summer days. I remember the first summer here we literally had sun from 5am until 11:30pm! Needless to say you can get a lot of rounds of golf in throughout the summer and spend some amazing time in the outdoors camping. One of our first summers we walked all through Muskoseepi Park (located at 102 St & 102 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1C1) at 6pm.

Sure, it’s not quite like the Yukon or Territories with the all day sunlight but we need our darkness somewhat so we can at least try to get some sleep!

The People

You’ll often have a variety of opinions on this but perhaps our favourite thing about living in Grande Prairie has to be the people. Most of the people are laid back and willing to help you with whatever you need. When we selected our moving company in Grande Prairie to help us we were so amazed by the generosity of not just the company but the former home owners to help accommodate us.

We feel safe to say that a lot of good people live here and are willing to help out if you need it.

Moving to Grande Prairie Is Worth It

Anytime you move it’s a tough adjustment as you’re leaving a lot behind from homes, friends, family and memories but we’re confident that living in Grande Prairie you’ll be able to make amazing memories and friendships as well. We hope you enjoyed this article and we’d love to hear some of your favourite things about moving to Grande Prairie!


Where To Bring Kids In Grande Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie, Alberta is a kid friendly city. That is obvious with the number of destinations that can make your kids have the best time of their lives. You can be a family touring around Grande Prairie, Alberta or a family residing in Grande Prairie, Alberta, needless to say, it is a must that you give your children the enjoyment they need. Believe it or not, children also feel stressed when they see things over and over again, they get bored and later on will throw tantrums that are unexplainable. In their language it mean bring them somewhere different. The good news is there are a lot of tourist destinations in Grande Prairie, Alberta that will definitely put children to joy.

Jump Yard: Located at 10101 118 St, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 3X9, Canada, Jump Yard is a facility best for your little ones. The area to jump and play is wide giving all kids an experience of their lifetime.


Grande Prairie BMX Bike Park: A perfect place to bring your child and let them get dirty, learn and ride a bike. The facility is located at 68 Ave. At 99 St., Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

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